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Raleigh Auto Glass specializes in all things glass when it comes to your vehicle. We pride ourselves on offering fast and reliable service to the Raleigh triangle area. Whether you’re looking for window replacement, cracked/chipped window repair, window motor replacement, window regulator replacement, sunroof/panoramic roof repair/replacement, or pretty much anything else glass-related, you’ve come to the right spot.

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OEM Glass Replacement and ADAS Recalibration

  1. The technician will walk you through the service of removing, replacing, and installing a new windshield.
  2. The technician will then completely remove the old windshield using top of the line coated (paint protection) cutting tools.
  3. The technician will then remove all old adhesive and clean/prime all channels for the new windshield.
  4. Using the most advanced primers and adhesives on the market, the technician will insert a new windshield for most vehicles.
  5. The technician will clean all of the windows and vacuum any broken glass out of your vehicle.
  6. The technician will tell you about the 60-90 minute drive-away-time adhesive, which allows you to drive away quickly and safely.
From repair to windshield replacement and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration, our local service professionals will get you back to cruising in no time.

Window Motor & Regulator Replacement

We diagnose and replace all needed parts when it comes to window motors and regulators. All of the repairs we do come with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.

A window motor moves the glass up and down the track. A window regulator keeps the window in the track and keeps the glass sitting straight up and down. We have the capabilites to recalibrate both the motor and regulator to work normally with factory systems.

Sunroof/Panoramic Roof Replacement & Repair

We are able to diagnose and repair all sunroof issues from motors to track to shades, or leaking seals. We can repair or replace all glass in sunroofs, panoramic roofs, and moonroofs. This includes the removal and reinstall of headliner and all air bags. Our straight of the air diagnosis equipment allows us to reprogram all airbags once everything has been reinstalled.

Top-mounted Sliding Sunroof

A sunroof that moves along tracks above the roof on the outside of your vehicle. This type of sunroof provides extra headroom.

Panoramic Sunroof

This multi-pane roof tilts and slides open further than traditional sunroofs due to the fact that it forms one pane when closed.

Spoiler Sunroof

This multi-pane roof tilts and slides open further than traditional sunroofs due to the fact that it forms one pane when closed.

Solar Sunroof

This modern sunroof is powered by a solar pv panel that saves power from the vehicle’s battery.

Chip & Crack Repair

If the damaged area is not in your direct line of vision on the driver side, and is smaller than a half dollar in size, then the windshield may be safely repaired. Insurance companies recommend that you have the windshield replaced if the damage is in your line of vision.

Cracks and chips in your windshield can often be repaired, though sometimes windshield replacement is the only option to ensure the structural integrity of the glass. Many of our customers are surprised at the extent we can repair damage to auto glass.

If your windshield has a recent chip that is smaller than .5 inches in diameter or a single crack that is three inches long or less, we can fix it. Typically, we look at the size, lifespan, and location to determine the best option to ensure safety and long-lasting durability.

Fleet Vehicle Service

We offer customizable fleet service contracts. Call to speak with a rep today to see how we can keep your fleet vehicles looking good as new when it comes to the vehicle glass and components.

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